The majority of finds related to this period have been brought to light in the SW area of the mound. Architecture is in a fragmentary state of preservation and it is thus difficult to assess the total extension and character of the site. Two are the phases identified which correspond to Middle Bronze Age I and II. Both are mainly composed by domestic buildings and craft areas and the latest of the two is the best preserved, with a large rectangular room at the centre of which stands a monumental double horseshoe shaped shouldered hearth. Next to it, a woman probably died at the time of an sudden fire that destroyed the whole buiding. In the same house a loom must have been standing in a corner, as testified by numerous clay loom weights.

Arslantepe was probably directly involved in the commercial relations that saw in Old Assyrian merchants their main actors in this period and was surrounded by a double wall (casemate system) protecting the site.

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