At Arslantepe archaeology and conservation have been two strictly linked matters; in fact it became immediately clear that some finds at Arslantepe were so monumental, historically and architecturally exceptional that they should be preserved. A large quota of the available resources for the archaeological research have thus been devoted in the years to the preservation of structures, through the construction of shelters that kept water – the main cause of destruction – away from the mud-brick walls, and through a delicate and minute work of specialized restorers, both on the walls and on their painted plaster.

In 25 years of intervention we have been able to create a protocol of actions and have observed that finds as fragile and instable as these, once brought to light can be stabilized, preserved and resist to environmental factors if since the very first moment of their discovery they are protected by a constant attention.

As with the architecture, the Arslantepe team gives primary attention to the restoration of all finds; two to four restorers work every season to restore both small finds and ceramics.

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