After the conquest of the Malatya Kingdom by Sargon II, occupation at Arslantepe gradually decreases until it is completely abandoned after the invasion of the Cimmerians. With the arrival of the Romans, the Malatya region, at the borders of the reign was used as the headquarters of the XII legio (legio fulminata) from the period of Emperor Titus until the VI century AD. The Castrum was built right on the border, where is today Eski Malatya (the old town of Malatya), now called Battalgazı. Emperor Traianus 53-117 AD) transformed the status of the castrum into that of municipium.

During the Roman and Byzantine periods Arslantepe was a small rural settlement (on the northern side of the mound) and the place of a cemetery (on its southern slopes). Finally, a small Ottoman buiding was found on the northern edge of the mound.

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