The site is open to the public following official opening hours of Turkish museums (8:30-17, closed on Mondays).
The mound has specifically built paths for tourists and an audio guide system (sponsored by Anadolu Efes). Visitors cannot wonder around the mound, but must keep to these paths and be accompanied at all times. The monumental area is roofed and there too visitors have to follow rigorous pathway so to protect the architectural structures.

What visitors see today at Arslantepe are the authentic walls of the 4th millennium BCE palace, exactly as archaeologists saw them when bringing them to light the first time. Wall paintings are perfectly preserved, walls are more than 2 metres high and the view on the surrounding Malatya plain and Eufrates river is breathless.

Real size copies of the Neo-Hittite reliefs and statues found at Arslantepe both in the early excavations, now on display in Ankara, at the Anadolu Medeniyetleri Müzesi, and those found in recent years and displayed at the Malatya Archaeological museum, have been made by a local sculptor and are positioned just outside the entrance to the open-air museum. The Hittite king Tarhunza is there together with the lions and reliefs that decorated the city gates.
Arslantepe thus welcomes its visitors starting with its last period of splendor, that for which Malatya has long been famous, when it was a Neo-Hittite capital. The traces of this phase, that had been “lost” at the site, since taken to the Ankara museum, have somehow been returned to their original location.

From the Hittite period visitors are taken further back in time and, approaching the proper entrance to the mound, they can visit an experimental 1:1 replica of an Arslantepe Early Bronze Age house. The plan and internal features of the house are those found in the excavations and so the building materials and techniques. The original aim of the house was to investigate and at the same time exhibit such techniques and show local modern inhabitants how building techniques had not changed for millennia.

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