In the final phase of Early Bronze I (Period VI B2) a settlement was built on the huts of the pastoralists’ village after they had abandoned the site, with small houses and with streets and courtyards for various activities (slaughtering animals, metallurgical activities). The rooms had, in the centre, a circular hearth with a small central cavity for the ashes, benches around the walls, platforms, basins and plastered pits for processing cereals and other domestic activities. The village was destroyed by a violent fire and the floors of the houses and the open areas were almost entirely covered by charred grain, perhaps the remains of a full harvest that had originally been gathered and placed on the roofs to dry. The village stood on the slopes of the ancient mound outside a kind of citadel or acropolis, evidenced from the finding of a 6 metre large mud brick wall built on stone foundations on the top of the hill.

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