The Neo-Hittite Kingdom of Malitya

After the collapse of the Hittite Empire, at the end of the Late Bronze Age and during the Iron Age, Arslantepe (in ancient Hittite texts Malidija and Melid/Meliddu) became the capital of a small autonomous kingdom. Finds related to this period are the famous “Lions’ Gate”, discovered by Louis Delaporte, with two lion reliefs and that gives access to a stone paved court decorated with a series of reliefs with ritual and symbolic images, today visible in copy at the entrance of the site and the originals at the Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilisations.

Recent Italian excavations have brought to light domestic structures dated to this period and a monumental building with a columned hall in the vicinity of the city gates. Two reliefs have images stylistically similar to those found by the French excavations.

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